Big News! I am finishing my travel book

Mr Campy's goes to... and other adventures very soon.
I have been working on the book, ebook and audiobook and it is making me laugh and I wrote it.
Click the little arrow below

If your phone does not support this plug in check on a desktop or I can email it to you. Thanks
In Art News, I am in the Crane yard Clay show. I will have Lots of planters and meadowlark plates and tumblers, heads on sticks for garden and squirrel eating tomato tumblers
The big show is 
Fri. Nov. 22nd 10:00-8:00
Sat. Nov. 23rd 10:00-6:00 pm
The smaller show is Friay Dec. 6th 10:00-8:00
Sat. Dec. 7th 10:00-6:pm
I will also have all kinds of crazy stuff at BIZBAZ in Lawrence Ks the weekend of Thanksgiving

Email or check out Jackie Denning Art on FB or Instagram. I post more art more often there. Lots of stuff for sale always!

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